"The Gravity of Getting Old."

Posted on
2 Feb 2015
by Robert Alston

Los Angeles, the city of angels, has many beaches. So, it comes as no surprise that surfers race to the shores to ride the never-ending waves. As I watch the waves stampede from the ocean to the sands I am constantly in awe of the power of gravity.

Do you have a seatbelt on? No. Why not? At the rate of earth's rotation you are traveling over a thousand miles per hour, round and round in a circle. This causes a force to arise with the desire to pull you out of your seat and into outer space. If I've got you a little nervous I do apologize; you do not need to look for the nearest anchor to cling to nor the nearest seat belt. Gravity is here to save the day by keeping you flat-footed on earth's soil. The force desiring to pull you into outer space is only 0.3% of the force of gravity.

At this very moment your life is traveling like a rocket at constant speed towards your future. You may not feel how fast it's moving but you can get a sense by reflecting on childhood memories like playing with friends during recess, trick-or-treating during Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, and opening Christmas presents before the sun was fully in the sky. Though these memories may seem like they were just yesterday more than likely they were thousands of days ago.

There is something similar happening in our spiritual lives; though you may feel a force pulling on you convincing you that you are getting old, fret not for your spirit is just as young as it was the day you were born. Your spirit is eternal, rooted; it can not be taken away from you. God has created you and I, "With eternity in our hearts," (Ecclesiastes 3:11) so that we may never accept death as the end of all things. As the Bible shows us, God has tweaked our spirits to desire longevity even eternity.

This forces us to look at life in a unique way, plan for tomorrow but enjoy the current existing day. Dream big, chase that dream and plan to avoid pitfalls but also slow down to smell the roses, go on walks, and send letters (physical letters) to friends and family. Tell someone how much you love and appreciate them with words, hugs, gifts and food. Learn to appreciate each day with all of your heart because the Bible teaches us, "To number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom," Psalm 90:12.

So live vigorously and with intent while not allowing age to get the best of you because you are an eternal being firmly rooted and secure. Just as you need not worry about the speed of this twirling planet because gravity has you grounded, God has got you grounded and your eternity is rooted in Him.

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