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  • Red Riding Hood
  • Teeth

Sex'd (Click for video)

Sex'd is all about sex. Simply stated it is an examination of sexing-the good, the bad and the potentially life threatening. A theatrical stage play written to examine as many aspects of sex and sexuality as can be effectively explored in a two hour experience, "Sex'd" asks the hard questions: "Who are we:sexually speaking?" "Are we taught to wield our bodies as a means to gain?" "What was the original intent of sex and our individual sexualities?" "If God were walking amongst us, would He be proud of our sex?"

Red Riding Hood (Click for video)

A film written and directed by Kevin Wilson, Jr., this story is a, "mockumentary," styled production loosely based on the events and happenings of the evening that Trayvon Martin was killed.


Teeth is the story about two star crossed lovers, a plover (bird) and a crocodile, in the jungle. Teeth, the plover, is determined to get out of the life of dentistry and commit to his passion of making music with Tiger, the crocodile.